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‘Wharfe Rural Planning is growing’ / ‘New year new faces at Wharfe Rural Planning’

The success of Wharfe Rural Planning has resulted in the hiring of two new members of the team!  Ben Kettle joins us as a Planning Consultant and Beth Binyon as Office Manager.  The growth of [...]

Anaerobic digestion plants approved

Three anaerobic digestion plants approved We are pleased to report that we have secured planning permission for three micro anaerobic digestion plants in December 2016, two in Cheshire and one in Shropshire.  It was confirmed [...]

Straw based pig finishing unit approved

Agricultural buildings and a temporary agricultural workers dwelling approved We are pleased to report that planning permission for two large agricultural buildings for the rearing of pigs and an associated agricultural workers dwelling was unanimously approved [...]

Certificate of lawful use confirms residential curtilage

The question as to whether part of your garden or grounds are within the residential curtilage of your property or just simply garden, within the domestic use of your property at first hand can appear [...]