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Case study 3. Redevelopment of redundant rural building

Wharfe Rural Planning were instructed to provide advice in regard to a redundant equestrian building in the Green Belt within the Local Planning Authority area of Cheshire East Council. A number of options were possible however the greatest financial return was available by redeveloping the site as a dwelling. The [...]

£1.5 million expansion of Evegate Business Park approved

We are delighted to report that an application for a £1.5 million expansion of Evegate business park has been approved.  Wharfe Rural Planning Consultants were appointed by the Evegate Partnership to prepare a market led business plan for Evegate Business Park, Smeeth, Ashford, Kent.The business plan was instrumental in providing the commercial justification for the development [...]

Initial Feasibility Reports

Planning application fees are often thousands of pounds and mistakes can be costly, we always strive to deliver cost effective solutions.  For this reason we recommend to clients contemplating relatively ambitious proposals to consider an initial feasibility report that will analyse proposals in relation to current planning policy and can include other advisers from our [...]

Is my Greenfield Green Belt?

A common confusion when visiting sites is the difference between the terms Greenfield and Green Belt.  The first is any site that has not been previously developed i.e. not Brownfield.  Green Belt is a planning designation that significantly restricts development within that area.  There are 14 Green Belts in the UK, they were first enacted [...]

What is the definition of forestry in planning law?

The simple answer is that there isn't a definition of forestry in planning law.  Agriculture is clearly defined in the Town and Country Planning Act but forestry does not enjoy the same lucidity.  Obviously forestry cannot be an activity limited to the growing of timber as that precludes the basic operation of felling but can [...]

Success for Cheshire Show

Planning approval for a new access way on to the Cheshire Show ground Planning approval for a new access way on to the Cheshire Show ground has improved visitors’ experience.  The Cheshire Show is one of the Country’s leading agricultural shows and now attracts 80,000 visitors over two days plus 840 trade stands and 5000 [...]

Discharge, variation or removal of a planning condition

The range of conditions that can be imposed on planning permissions is wide and far-reaching often with implications that are not  fully appreciated by an applicant at the time of the decision.  Conditions can be both negative and positive i.e. to do or not do something.  They can take affect at different stages of the [...]

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