Planning permission for agricultural buildingWe are pleased to report this week we have a secured a hat trick of agricultural buildings including a grain store, cubicle shed and silage clamp.

Every building and planning application poses a unique set of challenges whether it be objecting neighbours, roosting barn owls, dangerous access, or harm to the green belt.  Our experience, knowledge and network of experts enable us to identify and overcome all of these issues.



Each building obviously has a specialist use but issues that are universal to each from a planning perspective are:

  • Siting – position of the building to sit comfortably in relation to others
  • Location and design – how to minimise the impact on visual amenity, particularly in the Green Belt
  • Sustainability  – potential to incorporate green technology and renewable energy production
  • Materials – type and colour of external facing materials
  • Planning policy – demonstrate how the proposal complies with planning policy or if not how this is mitigated