It is very welcome news for the agricultural and forestry community that permitted development rights have been updated to include renewable energy production.  The rights now include:

 New buildings and extensions can be erected to house biomass boilers, anaerobic digestion systems together with the fuel and waste associated with those systems and also for housing hydro turbines.

Solar PV and solar thermal  systems on existing farm buildings below 45kWs (micro heat) and 50kWs (micro electricity) can be installed under permitted development rights and do not require full planning approval.

Stand alone solar systems on agricultural or forestry land up to 9 square metres.

Ground & water source heat pumps located in agricultural and forestry land up to 0.5ha of excavation and area respectively.

All of the above are subject to a number of conditions on size, location and eligibility and these details must be checked to ensure your proposals comply with the legislation.