‘Wharfe Rural Planning is growing’ / ‘New year new faces at Wharfe Rural Planning’

The success of Wharfe Rural Planning has resulted in the hiring of two new members of the team!  Ben Kettle joins us as a Planning Consultant and Beth Binyon as Office Manager.  The growth of the business is testament to the work and belief that the company has in the rural sector that has been [...]

Anaerobic digestion plants approved

Three anaerobic digestion plants approved We are pleased to report that we have secured planning permission for three micro anaerobic digestion plants in December 2016, two in Cheshire and one in Shropshire.  It was confirmed at the start of December 2016 that the tariffs payable under the renewable heat incentive scheme will reduce in 2017 [...]

Straw based pig finishing unit approved

Agricultural buildings and a temporary agricultural workers dwelling approved We are pleased to report that planning permission for two large agricultural buildings for the rearing of pigs and an associated agricultural workers dwelling was unanimously approved by Shropshire Council's Northern Planning Committee on 5 October 2016.  There had been significant opposition to the scheme including over [...]

Certificate of lawful use confirms residential curtilage

The question as to whether part of your garden or grounds are within the residential curtilage of your property or just simply garden, within the domestic use of your property at first hand can appear rather arbitrary.  However the perceived position of this illusive boundary confers rights and obligations that may or may not be [...]

£1.5 million expansion of Evegate Business Park approved

We are delighted to report that an application for a £1.5 million expansion of Evegate business park has been approved.  Wharfe Rural Planning Consultants were appointed by the Evegate Partnership to prepare a market led business plan for Evegate Business Park, Smeeth, Ashford, Kent.The business plan was instrumental in providing the commercial justification for the development [...]

Hat-trick of agricultural buildings

We are pleased to report this week we have a secured a hat trick of agricultural buildings including a grain store, cubicle shed and silage clamp. Every building and planning application poses a unique set of challenges whether it be objecting neighbours, roosting barn owls, dangerous access, or harm to the green belt.  Our experience, [...]

Forestry wins but what is the definition of forestry in planning law?

We are pleased to report that we have secured planning permission for Caddis Forestry to expand their innovative business at a new site in the Green Belt.  Wharfe Rural Planning Consultants have helped Caddis Foresty develop a pioneering business model as part of their sustainable forestry enterprise.  The risks and rewards of producing timber are [...]

Success for Cheshire Show

Planning approval for a new access way on to the Cheshire Show ground Planning approval for a new access way on to the Cheshire Show ground has improved visitors’ experience.  The Cheshire Show is one of the Country’s leading agricultural shows and now attracts 80,000 visitors over two days plus 840 trade stands and 5000 [...]

Temporary agricultural workers dwelling in the Green Belt

New dwellings in the green belt are very rarely allowed however there is a specific exception for occupational dwellings but even these are subject to very rigorous tests by the local planning authority.  We are pleased to report that approval for a dwelling required to support a free range egg farm in Cheshire has been [...]

Free range egg farm in the Green Belt

New livestock enterprises in the countryside are often contentious and the free range egg farm at Lower Peover was a classic example of local opposition.  A 252 signatory petition, newspaper articles, signs and door to door canvassing by local residents created significant opposition to the 12,000 bird free range unit on a Greenfield site on [...]

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