Case study 3. Redevelopment of redundant rural building

Wharfe Rural Planning were instructed to provide advice in regard to a redundant equestrian building in the Green Belt within the Local Planning Authority area of Cheshire East Council. A number of options were possible however the greatest financial return was available by redeveloping the site as a dwelling. The [...]

Certificate of lawful use confirms residential curtilage

The question as to whether part of your garden or grounds are within the residential curtilage of your property or just simply garden, within the domestic use of your property at first hand can appear rather arbitrary.  However the perceived position of this illusive boundary confers rights and obligations that may or may not be [...]

Financial Viability Appraisal

In an increasingly competitive development market, financial viability appraisals are becoming more important than ever to provide accurate figures that can be used in decision making by land owners, developers and planning authorities.  By employing a RICS qualified practitioner you can be certain that industry standard practice is followed to ensure objective, unbiased professional advice. [...]

Affordable housing obligations stalling development

The economic downturn and falling house prices are making property development more difficult than in recent years.  The situation is exacerbated by limited supply of new housing land which maintains a high land cost. In addition to this, demanding planning obligations by local authorities require funding; whether it be transfer of housing stock or financial [...]

Initial Feasibility Reports

Planning application fees are often thousands of pounds and mistakes can be costly, we always strive to deliver cost effective solutions.  For this reason we recommend to clients contemplating relatively ambitious proposals to consider an initial feasibility report that will analyse proposals in relation to current planning policy and can include other advisers from our [...]

Is my Greenfield Green Belt?

A common confusion when visiting sites is the difference between the terms Greenfield and Green Belt.  The first is any site that has not been previously developed i.e. not Brownfield.  Green Belt is a planning designation that significantly restricts development within that area.  There are 14 Green Belts in the UK, they were first enacted [...]

Discharge, variation or removal of a planning condition

The range of conditions that can be imposed on planning permissions is wide and far-reaching often with implications that are not  fully appreciated by an applicant at the time of the decision.  Conditions can be both negative and positive i.e. to do or not do something.  They can take affect at different stages of the [...]

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