Actions by the local planning authorities such as the refusal of planning permission, the issuing of enforcement notices or the failure to determine a planning application can be appealed to the Planning Inspectorate for an independent decision.

There are three main methods of appeal: written statements, public hearing and public inquiries. We have experience with all three routes and can advise on the most appropriate method for each individual case.

We are often engaged following a refusal of planning permission by individuals seeking to start an appeal however appeals are not a quick or necessarily low cost option. In all cases we will review the circumstances and advise whether your interests are best served by an appeal, a revised application to the local planning authority or an alternative development.

Examples of Appeals prepared and managed by ourselves include:

  • Housing development,
  • Rural building for offices in the open countryside,
  • Agricultural workers dwelling.

By investing in our specialist knowledge and experience you can decide on the appropriate strategy with an accurate assessment of costs, timeliness and the prospects of success.