The grant of planning permission is the key to unlocking the value of assets, or turning ideas in to reality. Planning permission can be expressly granted by the Local Planning Authority through full planning applications or an outline planning application followed by a reserved matters application. Under either method the grant of planning permission will be subject to a number of planning conditions (link to planning conditions post).

Applications for planning permission for rural development are the cornerstone of our business and form the majority of our instructions. Most planning applications prepared and managed by ourselves are approved first time. In the few instances where applications have been refused we have been able to secure a successful outcome by resubmitting the application to the Local Planning Authority with appropriate modifications or additional justification. Alternatively, we have on occasion prepared and managed an appeal (link to appeals article) to the Planning Inspectorate.

Examples of approved planning applications prepared and managed by ourselves include:

  • Development of new farmsteads,
  • The conversion of redundant farm buildings to dwellings
  • Replacement dwellings
  • New agricultural buildings
  • Change of use of existing buildings for rural businesses
  • Renovation of listed buildings
  • Forestry buildings
  • New highway entrances, access ways / private ways
  • Agricultural workers dwellings
  • Stationing of static caravans for seasonal workers

Investing in our specialist knowledge to prepare and manage a planning application for a rural development will enable you to plan with confidence.